Querido Mexico

In my 20's I had the privilege to visit Mexico with my friends, the Aguirre family. One summer we all piled into a van loaded with friends and relatives and drove from Kansas City to Ciudad Manuel Doblado in Guanajuato, Mexico. The music that was selected for the ride was a constant mix of Vicente Fernandez (mariachi) and Banda music from Northern Mexico. I remember feeling the music was really silly and over emotional and I certainly could not connect with it. Those of you that know me can attest that this is certainly not the case now. Guitar in hand, I learned Mexican songs in various social gatherings that often lasted over 24 hours. I also took my Mamiya c330 camera with me so please have a look at some of the images. Upon returning to KC I did a small tenure with Trio Atzlan at Manny's where I learned even more songs and styles. Mexico is still my favorite country and I absolutely love the music. I've been back many times since that first trip and Mexico never fails to surprise me in some artistic way. Please join me May 30th as Ensemble Ibérica presents Querido Mexico (Dear Mexico) at the Carlsen Center in JCCC. This concert is basically a love letter to Mexico and a celebration of its many musical styles.

- Beau Bledsoe

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