May 2014

Ensemble Iberica awarded a performance slot and stipend at Prairie Logic

Prairie Logic is a public art installation by Janet Zweig and el dorado, located on the green roof atop the six-story parking garage north of Cosentino’s Downtown Market just south of 12th St. between Main and Walnut. People can park in the garage and/or, the actual entry address is 1271 Main St. It was completed in the fall of 2012, and is a full-scale rail boxcar in a field of prairie grass, designed to be activated by live performance. The boxcar door opens to create a proscenium stage of sorts, which opens out to a gathering space for a small audience.

Ensemble Iberica will present Casa de Fado a portable installation that aims to re-create the intimate performance spaces of Lisbon where audiences and musicians come to share Fado. This installation includes various artifacts from Lisbon that are typical Fado house adornments (portraits of great Fadistas, hanging musical instruments, images of Lisbon). We would transform the interior of the boxcar with these items and have audience members seated at small tables inside the boxcar and standing outside of the boxcar.