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April 14th, 8pm
MTH Theater
2450 Grand, Suite 301, Kansas City, MO

Ahayu means "spirit" in Quechua, an indigenous language spoken by the Quechua peoples, primarily living in the Andes and highlands of South America. Ahayu features pre and post-Columbian music from the Americas curated by Bolivian musician Amado Espinoza. This innovative program explores the complex mixture of indigenous and European music, instruments and dance from Bolivia, Mexico, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and Cuba.

Amado Espinoza - charango, flutes, percussion
Andres Ramirez - percussion
Pedro Calderon - toyo, quena and guitar
Arelis Flores - dance
Beau Bledsoe - guitar. charango
Michael McClintock - guitar, Cuban tres

General admission $20
Premium $25

Box office: 816- 221-6987

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