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The history of the drum traveling through time, geographic space and cultures. This ambitious program begins in 6000 B.C. Mesopotamia eventually moving through all of the continents of the world before arriving in New Orleans and finally resting in our current day in Kansas City. An all-star line up of master percussionists representing each destination will be backed by Ensemble Iberica and curated by E.I. member Brandon Draper.
Monday, September 11, 7:30pm
MTH Theater
2450 Grand, Suite 301, Kansas City, MO
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General admission $20 Premium $25
Brandon Draper
Josh Conner
Teryn Draper
Pat Conway
Clark Jamison
John Kizilarmut
Amado Espinoza
Dean Allaudin Ottinger

Mark Strozier - flute
Beau Bledsoe - guitars
Rich Wheeler - saxophones
Jordan Shipley- guitars
Michael McClintock - guitars
Jeff Harshbarger - bass