This recording features highlights from our 2015 and 2016 Concert Series. Ensemble iberica records every concert, and this collection was edited down from approximately fifty hours of recordings in concert halls, theaters, and intimate clubs. The energy and mutual engagement between musicians and a live audience is an irreplaceable experience for all involved. This spontaneous dynamic allows a musician to embrace an unscripted accident or to extend an improvisation into unimagined territory. A live recording can transmit these aspects of performance much more than a studio recording can ever attain.

Nathalie Pires -vocals, Mireya Ramos - vocals, violin, Shae Fiol - vocals, Bruno Bessa - vocals, Victoria Botero - soprano, Fedra Cooper Barrera - vocals, Beau Bledsoe - guitar, Michael McClintock - guitar, Jeff Freling - guitar, Jordan Shipley - guitar, Rod Fleeman - guitar, Clarke Wyatt - banjo, Victor Penniman - viola da gamba, Christian Fatu - violin, Betse Ellis - fiddle, vocals, Norma Pacheco O'Neil - castanets, Amado Espinoza -charango, flutes, percussion, Brandon Draper - percussion, John Currey - percussion, Pat Conway - percussion, Zsolt Eder - violin, Rich Wheeler - Saxophone, Jeff Harshbarger - bass, Dominique Sanders - bass, Pedro Pimentel - bass, Hermon Mehari - trumpet, Mark Strozier, flute
Saxophonist and composer Matt Otto's innovative new recording integrates his modern jazz sensibilities with Ensemble Iberica, a Kansas City-based collective devoted to the music of Spain and Portugal, and whose instrumentation focuses on the guitar but includes the Cuban tres, Brazilian Cavaquinho, and Turkish oud. Rendering the lines and voicings of Otto's music within the texture and aesthetic of a chamber music ensemble results in a sound that is both lush and contemplative, creating new, compelling soundscapes. Iberica also features Brad Cox on Fender Rhodes, Karl McComas-Reichl on bass & cello, and Mike Stover on steel guitar.

Matt Otto - tenor saxophone
Ensemble Iberica:
Beau Bledsoe - guitar, oud
Jordan Shipley - guitar, cavaquinho
Michael McClintock - elec gtr, Cuban tres, acoustic bass gtr
Brad Cox - Rhodes
Karl McComas-Reichl - bass, cello
Mike Stover - steel guitar
"Colonia," the debut recording of Ensemble Ibérica, delves into the music and history of Ibéria (Spain and Portugal). It draws from diverse time periods, styles and locations throughout the diaspora of their respective colonies in the New World. The project explores various trade routes and their effects on all of the cultures involved, including African slaves, Europeans and indigenous populations. Colonia features music from Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Cuba and Brazil utilizing musicians from classical, jazz and folk music traditions from around the world.

Victoria Botero - soprano
Karim Memi - vocals
Fedra Cooper Barrera- vocals
Beau Bledsoe - guitars
Jordan Shipley - guitars
Michael McClintock - guitars