Sin Fronteras – Saturday, Dec 28th, 7:30- 9:30pm

MTH Theater
2450 Grand Blvd STE 301, Kansas City, MO 64108

The U.S. border with Mexico is a fault line where cultural and political forces clash and meld in a centuries-old embrace. Sin Fronteras is a monumental musical project exploring music from both sides of the 5,525-mile-long border. The project features Latin Grammy winners Mireya Ramos and Los Texmaniacs, alongside the country and western band Slim Hanson and the Poor Choices. Ramos’ riveting vocals, paired with the accordion-driven pulse of the Texamanics, then add the classic country sound of The Poor Choices, and you’ve found the soundtrack of those with one foot on either side of the border.

Mireya Ramos – vocals, violin
Beau Bledsoe – guitars
Ezgi Karakus – cello
Marco Pascolini – pedal steel guitar
Slim Hanson – vocals, guitar
John Currey – percussion
Jeff Freling – guitar
Los Texmaniacs
Max Baca – bajo sexto
Josh Baca accordion
Noel Hernandez – bass
Lorenzo Martinez – drums

$55 Center section

$50 Side sections

Note that the seats in blue are the removable accessibility seats for wheelchairs and walkers.

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